Amazing Transformations and Kind Words


Working with Jacqui has been such an eye-opening experience to both my shopping habits and how I can be more sustainable with my choices. With after just two calls, she helped me completely organize and clean out my closet and drawers, which resulted in me donating four large garbage bags of clothes!

Jacqui is so knowledgeable about the best practices for organization and her added information of sustainability made it such a wonderful process. She was able to answer all of my questions and coach me through developing better habits that will in turn save me so much money! This is something that she is clearly passionate about and it's so evident to see not only through our calls, but the value she adds on her own social media.

Thank you for helping me make my home feel less cluttered!



Jacqui was wonderful to work with! I looked forward to our sessions not only because my environment would be much cleaner and organized after, but also to chat and catch up.

Online sessions were easy to schedule. Having somebody there with you (even if it's just over video chat) definitely makes the process less daunting and more enjoyable!


DS After 4.jpg

You made the whole process so easy!

My laundry room had been my nemesis since we moved into our house nearly four years ago. It was always a mess and not remotely functional -- and I really needed it to be functional!

You asked such great questions about the purpose of the space, what I wanted in there, what was keeping the space from being what we needed. That helped me realize what I'd been struggle with and what things needed to find a new home.

You have such a calming, kind presence. Even when my questions felt silly, you were encouraging and empathetic.

My organizing sessions with you were just the kick that I needed to get things in order. I'm certain I would still be wrestling with this room every day if it wasn't for you. Now I walk in and am grateful for how well the room serves our family. And if it's messy, it takes roughly two minutes to tidy. Such a gamechanger!



I really enjoyed working with Jacqui! I appreciated her warm and relaxing demeanor.

We worked on my closet and kitchen. She never made me feel guilty or ashamed. She got me to do the very scary - remove everything and start from a blank canvas, which I never would have done on my own.

This and her guidance gave me new perspectives. I enjoyed her holistic approach. The accountability was essential.

Thank you!





I’m a really neat person in general. My problem was I always organized based on what made sense to me and somehow it always left me scratching my head as to where certain items were. Talking through the process with Jacqui allowed me to take inventory of what I owned, what I could get rid of, and what needed to be grouped together. 

It was a challenge at the beginning to let go of certain things. That nagging feeling of “I’ll need that one day” kept surfacing when I went through my art supplies and old tech equipment I no longer use, but I put it off to the side and realized I didn’t miss it after it was in the discard pile. 

Organizing the areas in your home and your life is a choice you make every day; that was the biggest thing I learned through this process. While Jacqui gives you the tools to take an inventory of what you have and allows you to talk through the importance of one item compared to the next, it’s up to you to continue to keep your space organized. Jacqui gave me steps to not only organize my areas but gave me another way of analyzing my WHY. This WHY has helped me continue to keep my areas organized and pushes me to take steps to put things in specific places. It’s a learned behavior to some degree because you have to make a conscious effort to continue the path after the fact.

I stressed a lot about my home prior to working with Jacqui. I didn’t know where certain items were, I got flustered if I needed to rush out the door and had to take certain equipment with me and now I know exactly where everything is and I load a go bag when I leave and unpack it as soon as I get home. 

I’ve moved to 8 different homes in the past 8 years. The constant moving perpetuated this idea that I should not get too comfortable in any one space for too long. I had this need to keep everything boxed up including the things that made me the happiest. I finally took the steps with the help of Jacqui to unpack the items in my life that I tucked away from myself. Sometimes it’s letting go of items in your life that no longer spark joy. Other times it’s welcoming the items back that you hide from yourself for so long that it reinvigorates other joys you didn’t know you lost.