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Why I Do What I Do

Hello again!

It's been quite a while. In my first post I did say that I wouldn't hold myself to any sort of writing schedule or deadline. I'm proud that my last post was almost 4 months ago and I feel no guilt or shame about it.

This place is exactly what I want it to be. Somewhere I can always return to, no matter how much time goes by, and it will feel like no time has passed at all. Just like when you see your old friends again after months or years.

I've also been doing a lot of lengthy writing in my Instagram captions, so my "writing cup" has been full. But I've recently been thinking about how to talk about my "why" on Instagram - why I'm starting my business, why personal organizing, why KonMari, why zero waste, etc. And I felt very limited by the thought of explaining it all in the captions.

So I've come back here to give myself the space to get it all out.

Earlier this year, I watched "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" on Netflix. Before watching the show, the only thing I remotely knew about KonMari was the idea that our belongings should "spark joy."

That's literally it.

I didn't know the name of the method or who had created it. I vaguely remember hearing about it a few years ago and indifferently dismissing the idea because, like many people, I believed the idea that our only possessions should be those that spark joy was impractical.

It's not. But I'll get to that later. Maybe not in this post. But I will get to it.

Once I finished the show, I decided to begin my own tidying marathon with the KonMari Method. As I went through the process, I was simultaneously listening to "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," Marie Kondo's first book, on audio.

The entire process took me about three weeks. And it completely transformed not only my home, but my entire life.

I 100% believe that if I hadn't completed the KonMari Method, I would not be where I am right now.

As I was going through the process, sharing my KonMari journey on Instagram, and as I was finishing up, I casually toyed around with the idea of helping others organize their homes. I even started the process with a couple people in the following months, but did not work with them through the entire KonMari Method.

But that's ok.

I've come to realize that not everyone is always ready for KonMari. There can be a lot of hesitation, fear, and misconceptions around the method. And earlier this year, I was not in a place to dispel those misconceptions or work with people through those fears and hesitations.

As I moved and settled into a new home and job over the summer, I continued to imagine starting and running my own organizing business. Somewhere along the way, I also started learning how to be less wasteful in my everyday life.

I really don't know how or why it started. It was like a switch just flipped. I've been privately calling it "Zero Waste Woke."

I've been concerned about the planet for a long time, and I've always done my best to recycle. But I guess I just started to see all the other ways I was still being wasteful on a day to day basis.

The KonMari Method absolutely played a part in this too.

It has helped me cultivate so much gratitude - not just for my belongings or the beautiful life I have, but for our planet and everything she provides. I wanted to start living a life that truly reflected the gratitude I feel.

It has also helped me see how much I truly don't need, how many things actually don't spark joy. That realization, coupled with learning how to use what I already have or make things myself, has thrust me into a completely new chapter of my life, which feels more aligned with my purpose than anything else ever has.

I think this is always what I was meant to do. From a young age, I took it upon myself to organize my room, which I shared with my sister. It ultimately always fell back into disarray, but I never stopped trying. My talent for organizing was noticed by my family, who would often ask for my help organizing different areas or items in the house.

It wasn't until college that my knack for organizing fell to the wayside. And even then, I was only messy when I would return home for breaks and I had nowhere to put my belongings. My sister had completely taken over my old dresser and part of the closet. So the contents of my suitcase would remain a jumbled mess and spill onto the floor of what was now her room.

Knowing now how important it is for individuals to have their own space and a designated place for their own belongings - it's no wonder I couldn't keep things organized during holiday breaks at home.

For me, the progression from KonMari to zero-waste felt natural. And I believe it can feel that way for others. I am passionate about organizing, and I am passionate about living a life that reduces waste and harm to the planet. There's no reason these two passions should live in silos.

It is not a lifestyle that is achieved overnight or may ever reach perfection. But that is no reason not to try.

Ok, Jacqui - but why start your own business? Great question!

Running my own business has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I used to want to own a bakery. I thought about starting a travel business that would plan every detail and all the logistics - down to packing - for my clients. I honestly still might do that, we'll see.

Starting this business, though - organizing and sustainability coaching - feels so right. I know I have something to offer others, something others will pay me for. I have already seen the impact my services and talent have had on my clients. I can't wait to share their progress with y'all and continue to help others put their lives in order.

I also want the freedom that comes along with running my own business. From financial freedom, to making my own schedule, to not having to answer to anyone but myself.

Ultimately, my "why" is that I've never felt so lit up or aligned by anything like this before. I know this is what I'm meant to do. I hope each and every one of you are able to find something that does the same for you.

Stay wandering,


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